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Researching and organising your own holiday can be a stressful task. Let us do the work for you! By choosing us you can save both time and money. Our staff always ready to handle any unforeseen situations.

OPT destination management company is a family company that manages a range of products and services. We are in charge of make travel experiences work. Whether you’re looking for someone to provide a tailored trip, coach tours, shore excursions, catering or just about any other travel service you can choose us.

OPT is small and local organization that have been in Ecuador for 12 years. We bring local knowledge and experience and evaluate the insight you need to create safe and exciting products. The services we provide are travel experiences that might require specialized equipment or skills but we can also provide a huge range of smaller services that make your holiday experience a lot smoother. Services like airport pickups and transfers, accommodation bookings, catering or event management. Also if you're looking for a really unique experience, such as rainforest hikes or exclusive entry to local sights, the easiest way to get it is by our help.

We have localized knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in our regions. That allows us to create better travel experiences that are more likely to do well in a competitive market.

We want to be your assistant no matter what you will need. Explore, dream and discover with us.

Our commitment

We would love to help you realize your travel dreams, cross off those items on your bucket list, or to start a new. Take the first steps towards making your dream a reality!

About Us